Carrie Bow Cay-Belize

Belize has been used as a location for research involving coral larvae, as it is the spawning site of Orbicella annularis, Acropora palmata and Acropora cervicornis. The Dixson lab has conducted research testing whether a variety of chemical cues influence larval decisions in terms of where to remain in the water column.  

The islands of Fiji

In Fiji, the Dixson lab has worked on a variety of projects focusing on larval settlement and the effect of habitat on associated fish. These studies include recent work on the role of imprinting in settlement site selection, the use of chemical cues in settlement site selection by coral and fish larvae, and the influence coral/algal contact has on coralivory in coral associated fish species. Additional work has included discovering the ability of corals to chemically cue mutualistic fish to remove its algae competitors (Dixson & Hay 2012).  Work in Fiji includes a number of different field locations including Viti Levu (main island), the Yasawa Island chain, and Kadavu. 


Kimbe Bay - Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is the site of much of our larval settlement and ocean acidification work. While there, I have studied the importance of leaf litter as a chemical settlement cue for marine larvae (Dixson et al. 2008, Dixson et al. 2011). Papua New Guinea's carbon dioxide seeps also make it an important location for studying ocean acidification in the natural environment.

                        Kimbe Island

Lizard Island - Australia

Lizard Island was the site of much of my initial ocean acidification work and continues to be an ideal site for the lab's work. While at Lizard, I have studied the effects of ocean acidification on chemical preferences, behavior, learning and survivorship for coral reef fish recruits and larvae, as well as the effects of ocean acidification on cardinal fishes. More recently, I traveled to Lizard to study chemical communication between host habitat and obligate fish.

                                                                                                      Lizard Island